Getting a payday loan really is fast and easy. You can apply over the internet, and your money can be directly deposited into your bank account.

Getting a payday loan is fast and simple.

This is one of the fastest, easiest ways to borrow a small amount of money. These services are meant to be short-term loans that are paid back with your next paycheck, typically within two weeks. When financial emergencies arise, you may want to turn to an advance as the answer to your financial worries. If you've never used one before, you may not realize how easy it is. The funds can be deposited into your bank account after completing a few simple steps:

First, figure out exactly how much you want to borrow. Usually it is the amount of the unexpected expense. Make sure that you will be able to pay back that amount when the balance is due, by comparing your upcoming expenses to the amount you expect to get when your next paycheck arrives. You may not have to borrow the full amount of your expense if you can cut back in other areas.

Next, fill out the form on this page to get the process started. We will help you choose the right option. You will want to have a few pieces of information when you apply, such as your address, social security number, the name of your employer, your income, and your account information. Be sure to fill out the application accurately and completely. If you fail to fill out the information that you are asked, it may take longer for you to get your money.

Shortly after submitting your payday loan application, you will get a response from the lender letting you know whether your application has been approved, denied, or whether you need to follow up with any additional documentation. If it has been approved, or if you need to provide additional documentation, follow up with the response and complete any additional steps that are needed. The quicker you follow up with the lender, the faster your request can be finalized.

After your application is approved and you have electronically signed any documents that the lender asks for, all you have to do is wait for your money to arrive. Money are quickly sent to your bank via direct deposit. It is now up to your bank to process the deposit. Usually your money will be available to spend on the very next day, but situations can vary. If your funding is approved and deposited on the weekend, it may not be available until the next business day.

When your next paycheck arrives, you will need to pay back what you owe. Often, the cash is automatically debited from your account, but you will need to check the terms of the agreement to make sure. If you are unable to pay back what you owe on time, you will need to contact your lender before it is due. You may be able to extend your installment for one more paycheck. If you need to extend it, you will have to pay additional interest.

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Do you qualify?

You will need to provide your payday lender with proof of income and have a bank account for your lender to deposit your money into.

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Be complete and accurate.

Make sure you fill out your application completely. Missing information could result in a delay or denial of your request.

I have a regular source of income.
I receive at least $1000/month.
I have a bank account.
I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions of this website.
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