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Some Fast Cash Comes With More Strings

When you need to get cash quickly, where do you turn? Payday loans can be one of the quickest sources of cash for people who are experiencing an unexpected bill, went a little over budget and are a little short when the rent bill is due, or are facing an illness in the family. Some people turn to credit cards. Other people call their parents or other family members. Still others might take some of their valuables and turn to a pawnbroker. All of these might get you quick cash, but there are down sides to each of them.

Borrowing from mom and dad, or one of your other relatives, might seem to be a fast way to get funding when you need it, but there are risks involved. If your parents live far away and choose to mail the money you need to you, you have to wait for the postal system to get your check to you. Wiring money can be costly. If you can't pay, you risk straining your relationship with your family. An unsecured loan could be directly deposited into your bank account today. Although the speed of direct deposit varies among banks, you could have your money tomorrow morning; about the same speed that it takes for a check to clear.

Some people use their card's cash advance feature when they need cash in a hurry. This first requires that you have a card. If you don't have a credit card, you'll have to apply for one first, and wait for it to be approved. If you have a credit card, you might be able to get cash a little more quickly than with the services out partners offer, but watch out: companies have reduced credit limits lately, even with some of their best customers. Make sure that you read everything your issuer sends you so that you can ensure that you don't go over the limit. Interest on cash advances usually starts accruing immediately, and over-the-limit or late fees could make using this feature of your credit card more expensive than getting a short-term loan.

Pawn shops can be a quick source of money, but they come with their own set of problems. Typically, you will only get about 10% of the item's value when you pawn an item, so if you require $100, you might want to find $1000 worth of valuables to pawn. If you don't have enough valuables, you'll have to find another source of funding. If you don't pay the pawnbroker in time, you lose these valuables. On top of that, these services come with fairly high interest rates.

These are fast, easy ways to get your money, and there aren't as many strings. Family relations won't be strained (your family doesn't even have to know if you get one). You don't have to have a credit card or worry about your credit limit. You don't have to have valuables that you are willing to risk at a pawn shop. All you typically require is a job and a bank account. Your money could be directly deposited today.

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As fast as mom?

Mom might be a source of funding, but if she mails the money, or takes a while to agree to lend you money, short-term loans might be faster.

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What about pawn shops?

Pawn shops are fast, but you have to have something valuable to put up, and if you can't pay on time, your risk losing your belongings.

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